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Assembly Visit our Racing Driveline Service Center, and take a tour of the Jerico Manufacturing Facility located in Concord North Carolina and put Our Power-Train Knowledge to work for your Team!
Preventive Maintenance is one of the keys to keeping your transmission running its best. Let our experienced technician’s inspect, repair, and maintain your transmission and 9-inch third members so you will always be ready to race!
We can service single units, or schedule a regular service agreement contract for all of you teams weekly requirements to keep power-train parts ready without downtime. Transmission and 9-inch third member rentals are also available.
Our Refresh Service Includes:
  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Magnaflux all components
  • Inspection and Reassembly by our factory trained and certified technicians.

Factory Refresh Service:

2 Speed Oval or Dirt Track Transmissions
3 Speed Oval or Dirt Track Transmissions
4 Speed Oval, Dirt Track or Road Race Transmissions
4 Speed Drag Race Transmissions
5 Speed Drag Race Transmissions
5 Speed Road Race Transmissions
Shifter Rebuild Services
Air-Shifted Rebuild Services
9-inch Third Member Refresh Services
After a complete inspection, we will call you with an estimate if any of the parts should be replaced in order to keep your Jerico racing like new. If a ratio change is required, we can do that for you too. Our Technical Support Staff can help you choose from our wide variety of gear ratios to suite your needs.
Trust all your transmission and 9-inch third member service needs to the Jerico Racing Driveline Service Center because we have the specialists, inventory, expertise, and dedication required to keep you winning. Put our power-train knowledge to work for you and your team today!

We are an Authorized Distributor for Quick Time Bell Housing, McLeod Clutches, Mark Williams
Yokes, Hurst Shifters, Long Shifters and Motive Gears and many others.
For Additional Services and Parts give us a call 704-782-4343

*Prices do not include shipping and handling fees or the cost of replacement parts. Don’t forget to drain the oil prior to shipping.