Jerico® Performance Products is proud to release the new Dirt 2-Speed transmission to add to the family of drag and road racing transmission. We have integrated over 40 years of knowledge, quality control and machining to this American made high performance transmission and have developed a Jerico® 2-speed dirt transmission.

The dirt 2-speed shares the same quality of materials and attention to details as all our products. With an in-house test car as constant feedback, we have developed new innovations for the Jerico® dirt 2-speed.

We stand by all our transmissions and are proud of the longevity and durability of our high-performance transmissions and are pleased for the Jerico® dirt 2-speed to join the ever-growing dirt racing community.

For more information or to purchase please call Jerico® at 704-782-4343.

We would like to thank our R&D Dirt Team; Mike Harrison Racing, Cook Motorsports, Josh Carroll, Kenny Shaw and Ayers Racing for their help in developing this high quality, American made dirt transmission.


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